What people say about "Penguins under the Porch" (1)

Allan Dick, lifelong journalist, founder of NZ Today magazine and curator of the Facebook page, 'Oamaru Today', has read Penguins under the Porch. Here's what he said about it:

Oamaru TODAY

15 May 

I have just finished reading David Harbourne's book, "Penguins Under the Porch". It is a remarkable book by a Yorkshireman who stumbled across Oamaru four years or so ago while on a NZ tour with his daughter. Inspired by his brief time here, he decided to return, spend several weeks here and write a book about this place.
The result is a captivating read and a book that should be on the shelf of every Oamaruvian.
In his time here, I got to know David and I was left breathless by the energy he put into researching his material — meeting people and not afraid to ask questions.
The book follows a format of a chapter that looks at why such and such a thing happened in Oamaru, blended with chapters on Oamaru and its people as he sees them today. It is not a history book. It is not confrontational, it doesn't address "issues" — it is simply a bloody good yarn about this place that we live in — and love.
"Penguins Under the Porch" is available now at Paper Plus, but also come along and meet David at the library [on 31 May].
He's a lovely bloke and I promise you — you will love his book.

Thanks, Allan - cheers!

Allan Dick (image from 'Oamaru Today')

Allan Dick (image from 'Oamaru Today')